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Making A Decision & Sticking To It

decidingDeciding something – Not the easiest undertaking for many of us. And that’s okay.  Sometimes NOT making a decision is the decision! Timing and all that.  But when that time does finally come, where you’re tired of how things are going or have wanted something for quite some time – well, then it can be a huge relief.  Nine times out of ten it has to be something we really want and wish for ourselves…at least for me.

It’s funny, as often in my ‘mature experience’  (yeah me disguising ‘middle’ age lol) I have found myself chatting with someone that there were times in my life where I finally just made a decision – and the rest was easy.  For me it was often finally realizing what I wanted or no longer wanted wasn’t going to happen until I made a decision!   No longer drinking alcohol, quitting smoking (yes in my late teens, early 20s) and when I also decided to stop eating meat – once I consciously MADE the decision it was like a switch was flipped and you could not sway me from it.

sittingI also decided on natural therapies for my mainstay in maintaining health, decided on no longer practicing my faith being ‘Catholic’ in the sense of how I was brought up, instead embracing a more spiritual outlook that has served me well.  I also decided to say NO when I didn’t want to do something and not feel the need to explain ‘why’.  What a relief!  These were personal decisions for ME and no one else. I also wasn’t one to go around putting  someone down for what they were or weren’t doing, or believing in if it was different from me – it was simply for ME and part of my growth.

Heather and I also recently MADE A DECISION.  It took a while…a long while – we had to grow and learn and whine along the way.  But we made the decision.

We wanted to halt or at least slow down the rather downhill slide were were taking by always talking about getting in shape and improving our eating and overall health.  If not now, WHEN?  We’re both 53 yrs old.  If we are overweight and out of shape now..where will  we be 1, 5 or 10 years from now?

So we made the decision to start right then, earlier this year, no real plan other than to start improving our overall eating to more clean, wholesome foods, less snacking and minimal to no sugar.  NO DIETs – just different choices – back to basics.  We also started moving our bodies.  Both doing it differently, but we’re doing it.

And heck if it doesn’t feel pretty good.  Empowering and positive – more in control of where we are and what we want for ourselves.

What have you been having issues with that you just can’t seem to decide to do for yourself, or stop doing?  Looking at the pros of the subject can give you a good starting point to at least start considering the change and the decision necessary to make it happen.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?  Don’t wait too long – time has a habit of passing us by and we wonder how we got here 🙂 – Katy



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