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It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard – Weight Loss After 50

Are you rolling your eyes and mentally saying…’Sure Katy, whatever you say’?

popart1I know…. I rolled my eyes when this concept was presented to me a long time ago and in many formats, by many speakers and authors across the globe. It seemed too easy, too simplistic. Yet at some point I started to listen, as it was a breath of fresh air and something I’d always felt deep down inside.  Since that time over 15 yrs ago… I’ve read books from the early 1900’s to present, attended lectures, took courses – you name it!  I’ve even taught some of my own.  Bottom line – it’s not a new concept.  Yet many are not ready to let go of old programming or beliefs and still want to apply the ‘hard work’ concept to their much wanted desires that seem out of reach otherwise. In my case one of my (many) desires right now is an improved body and some weight loss.

I’m not saying hard work isn’t  a good thing.  It can be – especially when you are excited about something and being deliberate in the inspired actions you are taking.  But frankly you STILL do NOT have to work so hard to get where you want.  Heather and I are examples of this -with our focus on our “Plans”.

We tried the ‘hard work’ option of rigid calorie counting, menus  and  exercise programs we ‘thought’ we had to do. A few years ago we  joined a site that does just that!  Since I read ALOT…I couldn’t help but notice a common theme of ‘how hard’  or ‘must do’  or ‘no pain no gain’ conversations women (just picking women as that’s our focus at the moment) were having in regard to their quest to lose weight and exercise.  90% of it did not sound fun to me.  I had to stop reading all the updates women were posting – it was depressing!  Granted I did find those who were doing great and enjoying the process…but this was not the majority. Too many were not…they were down on themselves if they couldn’t do what others were doing and not enjoying life DURING this process.

I wanted to have fun during and after the fact!!  Not just when I whittled off a few ounces off my weight,  stuck to my 1200 calorie allowance for the day or knocked out 100 crunches. I wanted to feel empowered and motivated at my improved choices.  I wanted to be looking at my entire lifestyle and make decisions based more on how I wanted to feel more than on how I was supposed to buckle down and MAKE this work, dammit!

And guess what?  I am making progress – my clothes are getting looser, I have lost weight, I am toning up, I do feel better OH, AND I’M ENJOYING THE PROCESS.

Meaning I’m not limiting myself, I’m not feeling deprived, I’m more relaxed and hopeful instead of irritated and overwhelmed.   I’m eating pretty much what I want – a bit smaller portions and less snacking and sugar is taking more of a back seat but not off the table completely.

I’m not bashing anyone who has chosen whatever process is working for them. I’m simply saying for those of you who have a gut feeling that THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SO FREAKING HARD…..

….Your gut feeling is right.  There is always a better way if what you are doing doesn’t feel good.

Honor it and yourself!  Katy



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