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WIN_20160214_230355Hello, I’m  Heather. One half of this double act, and I hail from the East Midlands in the UK.

Katy and I have been friends for a long old while and as with all good friends we can chat endlessly about almost everything…..actually don’t bother qualifying that, we can talk about anything and everything – no holds barred.

Hopes and aspirations, the lows and the miserable times – it doesn’t matter – but lately, even we were getting pretty fed up of listening to ourselves moaning all the time – life seemed to have become uncommonly hard and we turned to each other for help and support and felt pretty blessed actually that we could do that.

We also decided that enough was enough, and we would put our collective heads together and try to make improvments – to all aspects of our lives.

Both of us wanted to improve aspects generally that of late had seemed to be forever on the slide, like eating more healthily, watching our weight (come down maybe?), improve our levels of fitness, and to look better, physically – fashion ideas, new beauty regimes – all things that we seemed to have lost our way on. We didn’t know why, but we knew we had.

I personally wanted to find some spiritual peace – a way of gaining a sense of gratitude about my life and the world I find myself in – because all too often I took it all for granted, and didn’t have any sense of being grateful for what I had at all – and that was woeful to be honest.

In doing all this, helping and supporting ourselves through the middle ages – we thought it would be fun to extend it a bit by sharing it through various social media, which was something else that we felt was happening around us, and  we wanted to tap in to – and of course has the benefit of attracting like minded people  together who we can share it with.

So if you are browsing this – then hello & welcome; and feel free to join us in any of the most popular social media outlets – we twitter, have a facebook page and an instagram account – and of course we have joined youtube. It’s fun and we are loving doing it – and we are enjoying learning through sharing and exploring what are others are doing too.

Its a great way of reaching people who back in the day, we would never have had the opportunity to meet and interact with. We love hearing from people too – so don’t be shy – join in and comment.

Thanking you for stopping by – and I hope we see you again real soon ~ Heather.

small me


And yes I’m Katy – hailing from Western NY, USA – happy to share a quick glimpse into who I am!  Mom to an amazing daughter, am divorced with great man in my life, big extended family and we live in the suburbs. I am crazy about nature, horses, reading, Law of Attraction principles, Natural Health and curious about life in general.

Oh and sarcasm is my second language. 🙂

As Heather mentioned we have been fast friends for about 16 yrs – started as  back and forth emails regarding some natural health interests and within months it was simply 2 gals chatting and sharing their lives!

For the past 5 years or so we had both been noticing ‘changes’.  Some subtle, some not so much!  Weight gain was a biggie…as we had both been pretty good at maintaining a healthy weight up till this time.  Now suddenly it was creeping on, and not budging!

Diets of all sorts, some dabbling in exercise/working out but nothing stuck.  This frustrated me as I had been pretty consistent up till then with going to the gym.  But a move to new residence, work changes and my daughter flying the coop – kept me feeling rather out of sorts and my motivation seemed to go out the window.

My background is that of a Natural Health Practitioner, so I KNEW I was not on track with my diet and general movement capabilities…but I was seriously put out by the fact that I could no longer lose weight!!  WTH??  Add to that mood swings, aches I never had before and some bouts with Plantar Faciitis – I was not a happy girl.  Hence some whiny emails/videos to Heather lol.

We have since decided to get on track – enough of feeling stuck and not willing to ‘age’ by looking and feeling older than we have to!  I’m also a proponent of how our thinking affects pretty much everything we do and don’t want in our lives.  I have seen wonderful results with the ‘mind’ aspect of healing – whether it be the body, relationships, money, job etc.  I’ve been doing better at telling a better story for myself instead of being/feeling stuck!  I know better!  You can do it too once you grasp the actual power you’ve always had. 🙂

So here we are…hoping to inspire you as we inspire and motivate ourselves.  Stop by on Instagram: @heatherkatychannel, our Facebook Page that is just getting started and our fun Youtube Channel  for lots more videos!



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