Music, nostalgia and the awakening of a teenager

All last week I was trying to remember a song. I couldn’t name the tune or even remember how it went, or even the name of the artist! – I did recall with stunning clarity where I was when I first heard it and how I was feeling at the time, that’s not bad for… Continue reading Music, nostalgia and the awakening of a teenager

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Walk/Run – when to stop the walk?

Get me in the photo there!! Yes, I am wearing shorts. Dear God this fact alone is worthy of the 9 o clock news. Who could have possibly thunked it. Barely 17 weeks ago I was swaddled up like I was Mother Mary Bernadette Therese, terrified that anyone might see me wheeze my way around… Continue reading Walk/Run – when to stop the walk?

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Bucket List or F— It List?!

Oh dear we’re getting a bit crass with our titles – but honestly it really does make a much needed point. If you watch my short video below, you’ll see where I’m coming from.  ‘Mid-life’ or simply feeling the pull of ‘something more’ wanted in my life.  I think it’s always been lurking there, frankly… Continue reading Bucket List or F— It List?!

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winning the inch war

Since starting an exercise schedule at Christmas 2015 and cleaning up my diet i’ve lost 6 inches on my waist; 2 inches off my thighs, knees and calves and nearly 2 inches off my backside. Disregarding what that means in lbs overall, this inch loss has done amazing things for my body confidence and largely… Continue reading winning the inch war