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Walk/Run – when to stop the walk?

Get me in the photo there!! Yes, I am wearing shorts. Dear God this fact alone is worthy of the 9 o clock news. Who could have possibly thunked it. Barely 17 weeks ago I was swaddled up like I was Mother Mary Bernadette Therese, terrified that anyone might see me wheeze my way around… Continue reading Walk/Run – when to stop the walk?

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winning the inch war

Since starting an exercise schedule at Christmas 2015 and cleaning up my diet i’ve lost 6 inches on my waist; 2 inches off my thighs, knees and calves and nearly 2 inches off my backside. Disregarding what that means in lbs overall, this inch loss has done amazing things for my body confidence and largely… Continue reading winning the inch war

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H Plan – Supplements and Superfoods

I was very late to this particular party that is for sure. I am a child of the 60s and that makes me a young adult of the 80’s and pretty much in very many silly little ways I sorta stayed there. Because when I look around, especially with food choices, eating habits and even… Continue reading H Plan – Supplements and Superfoods