K Plan – Diet & Exercise-

Brooklyn NY

Many of us like to have fun photos to refer back to when traveling  – and this one was in NYC  visiting my daughter in Brooklyn (Brooklyn Bridge in background).

It was a hot summer day and while I cringe sometimes at how my arms look like tubular balloons, here – I am using it as motivation for my quest for improvement.

This January 2016 I made the decision with Heather  to finally start implementing the changes we have been talking about for some time.  I started my quest for improvement and a healthier me at my highest weight EVER.  And it wasn’t so much the weight # that shocked me, but more so my realization that I didn’t have the stamina for activities that I used to do or the fact that I had aches and pains for someone much older.

Enough was enough.

As I mentioned, I have injuries to take into consideration and a somewhat unorganized approach to my eating and meal preparation – so I’m finding I have lots of ‘little’ areas that need tweaking so that I can do this.

My Eating Plan is thankfully fairly easy!  More fresh, home cooked items, and smaller portions.  I’ve also limited my sugar intake.  A weekend treat is fine for me at the moment, I just make sure it’s really really good!  The issue I have to continuously work on is how I PLAN my meals and thus shopping for them as well.

My Exercise Plan is also rather ‘easy’ for now.  I have always enjoyed weight training. So that one was a no brainer.  Right now, just upper body – and some basic squats and lunges etc for lower.  My knee is ‘better’ but still can act up so I’m treading lightly with lower body.  I’ve been managing 3x per week at gym for weights.  I do the occasional Yoga class at gym but mainly have been doing gentle or chair Yoga at home 2x per week.  I’m hoping to progress with the Yoga as I really feel a difference when I push myself a bit.  Flexibility feels so good and frankly helps keep the aches and pains away!!

Planned cardio is not on my calendar at the moment.  Plantar fasciitis and knee concerns have kept me a bit hesitant.  Right now I’m pretty good- but want to be more sure of these areas before I do too much. So for now, walking outdoors on weekends and just getting in what I can is fine with me.

Happier and Healthier is my intent.  That and being happy NOW.  I mean it’s all a journey anyway,  so this is just part of my journey!  By all means, join in the conversation or stop by our channel – we’d love for you to take your journey with us  🙂  http://tinyurl.com/qguv4hz






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