H Plan – Diet & Exercise

me3 This was me.

This was me in summer 2011. I can’t even remember why I took this photo – but I do know I was 49 and although I didn’t know it as I took this selfie, I was within weeks of becoming very very ill with Graves Disease, which would decimate my health and as I would come to learn very quickly, my muscle mass.

At the very same time – along came menopause.

By Christmas 2015 I had changed almost beyond recognition – I’m not proud, but I am determined to do something about it – hence the H Plan.

Katy and I have spent the past 5 years (as at 2016) trying every diet plan that found it’s way in front of us. But nothing worked, or if it did, I wasn’t able to stick to it – and the weight kept creeping up. I was storing fat all over, in places I hadn’t ever stored it before – but mostly, in my gut area.

By Christmas 2015 – Katy and I were absolutely fed up with hearing ourselves complaining about the weight gain. But it was more than that, we were feeling low – we had minimal motivation to move, and really were just lolling in a state of denial that all of this would be heading us directly to  ill health and infirmity in our more advanced years.

What was galling was we were totally aware of what we should be doing and how we should be living, and so after many long conversations we decided we would put what we knew, about us and about the right healthy choices to make, together  to form a plan of action – to bring about a change in our habits, our eating, our choices and our negative outlook. We were gals on a mission.

Inevitably I suppose, although we agreed on the big picture, the outcome we wanted, when we started to think about the detail of our plans, it became apparent pretty quickly that we wanted to go about it it in differing ways – we had slightly different issues and routines  and so it came to pass that two plans were developed – Heather’s H and Katy’s K plans.

As part of the YouTube Heather and Katy Channel, we began talking about our food and exercise routines and are detailing them more thoroughly here on the blog. You can follow me on my plan by selecting the posts under H Plan where I explore a more healthy eating campaign that I can live with for life and also see how I get on with the exercise – I would also be more that happy to have you join me  – the more the merrier!

I will be posting updates as I go along  – but anything has got to be better than the place I had arrived by 2015.