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A World Too Bad.

Last week I didn’t post a video up on to our You Tube channel, I have been having internet problems on and off for weeks!

I had thought I would post a video about the use of animal testing in household and beauty products, primarily because of quite a deep and meaningful conversation I had had with my youngest son shortly before about vivisection – it’s interesting to get a young person’s perspective on  issues – it sort of shines a different light on to subject matter.

In a way, I’m kinda grateful that my crappy broadband gave me pause about what subject matter  our next video might cover.

Whilst watching my youngest son play in a rugby tournament this weekend, the spectators had a good deal of time on their hands over the course of the day to ruminate about everything, and not just the rugby – it was a long day!

As I stood chatting to a fellow parent, we found ourselves talking about the recent (UK) outrage in our news, of young boys who were groomed and abused by football coaching staff at various clubs in the 70s and 80s.

There have been rumblings about this kind of stuff for years, but nothing concrete- but that changed when 3 grown men were reduced to sobbing on TV as they told of their sexual abuse at the hands of their coaches – who dangled dreams of footballing stardom in front of them as they abused the boys relentlessly; and the added squalid fact that clubs did everything they could to smother the truth of it. Sad, appalling  so, but sadly, not so shocking these days.

My husband chimed in – apparently some statistics unit has claimed that 1 in 5 children suffer some sort of abuse whilst 1 in 20 suffer sexual abuse specifically. Is that just in the UK? – he wasn’t sure.

But all three of us couldn’t help but stare across the pitches as the games were being played, to wonder who were all these children? (and by statistical average there had to be some of them right there, playing rugby.)

The mood pitch-side now wasn’t quite so jolly all of a sudden. I said something to effect – ‘there just seems to be so many of them!’  It was  of course a generalised, none scientific swipe – but we all knew what I meant. Then the conversation dried up as we all shuffled and mumbled uncomfortably- how could it carry on, with that awful fact hanging in the air? – these children are around us, and we don’t know their suffering even exists.

With this still fresh in my mind, I’m now going to add, that for someone who likes to surf around the social media sites & forums, it amazes me that  PizzaGate , up until yesterday had completely passed me by. Wow (in a bad way)

Convoluted rings of rich, powerful people doing the unspeakable -how had cheese pizza become so corrupted and I not even know about it?

That’s not to say it’s all true of course – but there is just enough ‘oddness’ to make even the most die-hard ‘establishmentarianist’ (if there isn’t such a word, there should be!)  sit up and think! And even if Pizzagate is part of the conspiracy fringe – there has been enough institutionalised cover ups in the UK – of course I’m talking the odious Savile, and the BBC – for people to believe these stories – because even if not true, the reflect a truth we all believe is out there

And as I read online all the stuff about PizzaGate that had erstwhile whizzed passed me unnoticed – I thought to myself how glad I was that I  didn’t do the vivisection stuff now, because it seemed madness to pick on one area of awfulness when there was a whole pot of ever more disgusting crap out there, each worse than the last.

So then I thought – what shall I talk about? The war in Syria?

How has it got to the stage where the world is just too bad to mention? The bombing of all those innocent people in Aleppo and no one did anything to stop it happening day after day, politicians talked, wrung hands, pontificated and every day people were bombed to death; and yes animals are routinely doused in my toilet cleaner  just to see if it still burns their eyes out like it did last year, and somewhere, uncomfortably close probably, a silent child is being abused.

This isn’t a world for the innocents

And I don’t know what I am supposed to do about it – talk is cheap, anyone can write a blog post, but even Mother Teresa couldn’t save them all.

For once I was completely happy that we were neither rich, famous or in the public gaze – to live a quiet back water life in England, where all my kids were loved and safely brought up and all my animals have lead happy, healthy stress free lives .

Where man is concerned, this is a world become too bad to talk about. And I feel too small to make any difference.

(featured picture – from the haunting collection of art by Kim Noble (aka Ria Pratt)



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