It’s been ages – sorry

Look at this photo – taken a week ago just outside my house – see how busy the farmers have been – ploughing an setting seed – it is well and truly Autumn. And yet last time I wrote here, it was spring and I was looking forward to the summer. How time flies.

Katy and I are probably the very worse at keeping up the blog- we do the YouTube channel ok and instagram is kinda easy – but this always takes more of the old grey matter, and very often I find there is scant left at the end of each day once the world has had it’s way with me – chewed me up and spat me out! But I have been thinking of late, too much of my world is all about the instantaneous, and I should make more time to put real thoughts down on to paper, albeit virtual paper!! And so I thought about our blog and realised it was such a shame we had left it languishing in favour of our more instant endeavours, even though I still really like all of those things. Soooo……

I’m back on it!


talk soon





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