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Bucket List or F— It List?!

bucketOh dear we’re getting a bit crass with our titles – but honestly it really does make a much needed point.

If you watch my short video below, you’ll see where I’m coming from.  ‘Mid-life’ or simply feeling the pull of ‘something more’ wanted in my life.  I think it’s always been lurking there, frankly – however mid-life seems to bring it much more into focus!

As I had recently emailed Heather, I came up with a basic list of ‘stuff’ that has been lurking within – things I’ve done and want to do more of, or always wanted to experience – in no particular order:

  • Nature – woods, beaches, mountains, farmland
  • Horses- being around them, riding etc
  • Animals in general – farm animals or wildlife
  • Gardening – more sustainability
  • Farming – general interest – ‘working farm vacation’ 😉
  • Dude Ranch type get away
  • Travel – local, US or overseas
  • Hiking, fishing camping, survival type adventures
  • Acting – yes I’ve always wanted to try
  • Meditation, yoga, Qi Gong – get better at this
  • Artsy ‘stuff’ – creating things – I like making things!
  • Helping others in some way – more focused?
  • Really getting into shape – stepping it up a few notches

So you can see….lots of my ‘wants’ are outdoor type activities…and I have to say I have done a tiny bit better with at least the ‘woods’ and hiking one, as I have discovered a few local areas and nature preserves that fill that need somewhat.  I must say while I’m there and long afterwards, I feel the peace and inner happiness, like I kid might feel sitting around their gifts on Christmas morning.


That ‘rather pleased’ with myself feeling.  Like I’m the Queen of the castle and everything is to my liking!!

And why not?

It’s really getting to the point of what ARE we waiting for?   Ok maybe I can’t buy my fabulous RV and quit my job to tour the US and all it’s wonders.  BUT I can google some volunteer options, or local acting classes, or find a new trail to hike.

Challenging yourself to at the very minimum to MAKE THE LIST like I did, above – and then start looking at what steps you can take towards at least one or two of those on the list.

Time is ticking by whether we do it or not, but if not now, when?  F— It, let’s just do it, eh?  🙂  Katy – PS if you haven’t already subscribed, by all means stop by our YouTube Channel!


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