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winning the inch war

Since starting an exercise schedule at Christmas 2015 and cleaning up my diet i’ve lost 6 inches on my waist; 2 inches off my thighs, knees and calves and nearly 2 inches off my backside.

Disregarding what that means in lbs overall, this inch loss has done amazing things for my body confidence and largely this improvement I know, has stemmed from running.

Tomorrow, I intend to ‘up’my running frequency, I do seem to have caught the running bug for sure – and that’s no terrible thing😏.

But body confidence is limited. Limited to the right choice of clothes, because this isn’t an athletic body, not by a long shot. And summer is, we can say with confidence now we’re in April, is just around the corner. And that means an increase in temperatures.

I don’t tolerate heat well – menopause and hyperthyroidism have put paid to that big time:  yesterday I ran in 6 degrees but it felt more like 15 to me and already my legs were prickling under my old jersey joggers. And I was suddenly panicked – I’m thinking tank tops and shorts are going to be absolutely necessary. Cute if your 20, completely terrifying if your 53 and shaped up like grandma😭

But I don’t see any getting out of it, unless I emigrate to Scandinavia sometime soon, I’m gonna be in a sweaty rendered down puddle trying to run in my present kit.

This dilemma is a new one that is for sure.




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