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Why A Morning Routine Can Set Up Your Day


I appreciate the fact that I am aware I have the option to decide on how I prefer my days to start 🙂

My life experiences have helped me realize no one can change anything in my day to day but me – and I have to decide what that is in order for it to happen.

It does take some dedication but it certainly isn’t difficult!  Whether it’s going to work, school, errands to run, kids to manage…whatever your dominant routine is most days – why not at least try to get things started on the right footing?

I’ve developed a routine for at least 5 years now – I change things up as I need to, and I’m actually getting ready to re-vamp again in the next couple weeks due to weather improvements.

But here are my basics:

I’m a morning person. ALWAYS have been. I jokingly say I’d be a good ‘hand’ to work on a farm as I’m up before the sun comes out!  My alarm is currently set for 4:45am.  That may vary a bit but it’s pretty consistent…and 95% of the time I’m up before it goes off. 🙂  On weekends I do not set it, however I’m usually up between 5-7am.

cupMy coffee gets made (a little creamer and spoonful of coconut oil) and while I’m waiting I turn on my computer and one very dim light…I prefer natural light when it’s time.  I grew up being told “Katy, turn on a light” lol…I also have a salt lamp or candles I may light as well depending on my mood.

I get my coffee and settle in for about 20 min to check emails and various updates on various sites and social media.  I know I know…but hey I like to be up to date!

After this I head for the shower, pick out what I will be wearing if it’s a work day and then go to YouTube to one of my saved meditations – they average about 8-15 minutes.  Some are music only or nature sounds and some are guided meditations.  I’ve been VERY good at being consistent with this.  I then go dry my hair, do makeup and am pretty much ‘ready’ for work other than dressing.  I do not get dressed until it’s about 15 min before I have to leave…I like to be comfortable, what can I say!?

Depending on the weather, I will either walk outdoors, or sit on my back porch – regardless of either one, I will use that time to do some general ‘gratitude’ as well as prompting the Universe as to how I’d like my day to go. If it’s winter I do it after my meditation.

If I have specific events happening I take a few minutes to imagine how I’d prefer they go. Example – if I have to meet with someone about something important. I imagine the easy drive, great parking and an overall feel good meeting.  Sending my vibes out there in a positive way is only a good thing in my book.  Don’t most people talk about or imagine the opposite?  ‘Oh I hate the commute this time of day – or parking is always a joke when I go here – or this guy/gal sounded rather unpleasant on the phone’.  And what vibe is that sending out?

Yes this is a real option that many do  NOT even consider doing.  But I’m telling you it REALLY helps. I’ve been experimenting with doing this off and on for a long time now – and when I take the time to do it sincerely – it makes a big difference!

Look at it this way, It can’t hurt, am I right?? 😉  You may surprise yourself, and hopefully when you see how much it can help, you’ll share it with someone close to you so they can boost their day too.

For me this ‘routine’ is something I ENJOY – Getting rid of routines that do not serve you or need updating is always a good idea AND…  I think it’s worth it. 🙂 – Katy


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