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Using Mini-Goals To Stay Focused On Improvements

calendar1When I think of how time marches on, or As Time Goes By  (always makes me think of that show I loved watching with my parents with Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer) I realize that NOW is the time for thinking or doing what it is I want for myself and not some far off day in the future.

Heather and I are on a Quest!   ‘A long or arduous search for something.’ 😉  It seems arduous sometimes when I think of how long it took us to really decide to decide!!  We first started voicing our discontent over 5 yrs ago.  And up till this past Christmas 2015 – we had MANY stops and starts, too overwhelming to dive into, but A LOT.

I think what has made it stick for us a bit more this time around is the fact that we are also 5 years older!  NOT getting any younger, though I like to think our improved attitudes and bodies will help hold it off a bit.

I’m getting to the bit about my working on ‘mini-goals’ or challenges in order to keep motivated and on track with these improvements!  Discipline is not my strong suit – well it depends really, but let’s just say old habits can be tricky to break and frankly my lack of movement and inconsistent eating has developed as a habit I wanted to change.

Aaaaand I’m doing it.  Perfectly? No – but I’m doing it more consistent than not, so I’m hoping my patterns of old, are soon to be replaced with improvements!  For me this is working by setting small or mini goals/challenges.  Sometimes I do it just for that day!  Other times I break it down by the week.  Ie – today I will have a big salad or this week I will walk 2x for added exercise and to be in nature.   Notice I’m trying to pick things I will at least somewhat enjoy and not despair when I think of doing them.

note and phoneI’m putting my ideas down, nothing high speed, just random ideas that occur to me or I hear or read about.  Have to keep it interesting, as I get bored EASILY. It can be on paper, in my phone or on my fridge – the key is to do it and see what strikes my fancy depending on today’s mood or schedule.  I just make it very easy to implement.

I hope this helps give you a small dose of motivation for any area you are wanting to make some improvement on in your life.  It doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture or huge undertaking.  Just for ‘today’ – what can you do to move you forward towards something you want?   – Katy





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