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K-Plan…Yes, Even Gentle Exercise Can Bring Results

I’m over 50, have been a bit of a slug for,  oh…5 years or so if  being honest. Sure I’ve enjoyed little bursts of exercise here and there and some definite, regular walking during the nicer weather… but for actual ‘fitness’ and keeping my strength up, I’d say a big FAT NO.

Heather and I both realized, it hasn’t done us any favors!  Look around at the people within 10 years of your age.  It’s a mixed bag of course, but seeing women who are not enjoying the quality of life simply because of more weight and what they call ‘getting older, aches and pains’ etc.  BIG wake up call.   I know better than this!!  It’s not rocket science to know that when you rest, you rust!


I think that’s what got me off my butt – finally.  Seeing what I DID NOT want.  A very good motivator.  So with that mindset spurring me forward I had to take a look at where I’m really at, physically.  More pounds then I’d like, minimal muscle tone…(flab city), and pitiful stamina for anything remotely ongoing. Yes huffing and puffing when I walk (and talk).


Oh and when did putting on my socks cause various contortions??  (roll around middle and stiffness)

Now, I don’t want this to be ‘down on Katy’ time so let’s look at what I’m doing to remedy that, which started in the beginning of January this year.

I’d been dealing with a knee issue, plantar fasciitis, and lousy flexibility.  So these are things I am aware of and adjusting my plan to accommodate.  I know what I’d like to see happen – more toned, stronger and muscular, increase my flexibility and much better stamina. Losing some inches along the way, is fine too.

My basics right now: 

 Upper Body Weight Training3 x per week   Biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest – somewhat basic at the moment, I’m doing 2 different exercises for each muscle, but as I get stronger I can make adjustments.  I AM increasing my weight since I started so that’s progress!  Lower body – lunges, squats etc – no weights at present.

Flexibility – Gentle Yoga – 2x per week.  I initially started doing a few ‘real’ classes at my gym.  However I didn’t feel comfortable – she moved too fast and well, I had limitations!  Instead of giving up (who me?) I decided to just use my computer and watch some chair and gentle yoga.  Is 2x a week yoga helping?  Yep!  I’ve less aches and enjoying more range of movement.

Cardio is not fixed at the moment. I walk outdoors whenever possible, however I’m still trying out inserts and exercises for my feet so it’s not as much as I’d like.  For now however, baby steps – and like Heather, I’m rather pleased.  🙂


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