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How I’m Using Mindfulness for Physical & Mental Improvements

2016 is moving along, Valentines Day approaches and thankfully Heather and I are already on the bandwagon of self improvement.  No, not ‘resolutions’ but more like…”I’m getting older and darn it I want to enjoy the next chapter of my life!”  Enter the H & K Plans (Yes, mine is the “K” for Katy plan) 🙂


It’s been a long time in coming…lots of back and forth dialog, hits and misses in regards to ‘diets’ and various exercise programs and what to do.  But after yet another year of staying about the same in that regard, we’ve both finally decided ENOUGH.  I’ve put on more weight than Heather so it really is time for me to get off my duff as hey, lots to do and plan and enjoy.

Enough of feeling and looking older than we wanted due to not feeling like ourselves.  Enough of putting off events and outings due to whether or not we can keep up with the activity, or if we’d feel uncomfortable in our clothes because of the weight we put on.

We each have similar goals but you will see we are tackling it a bit differently, simply because of personal circumstances.  Our schedules are different, our likes and dislikes, prior injuries as well as general personality traits that differ a bit.  REGARDLESS…we both want to feel better and hopefully to that end make similar progress to get us closer to being our best selves at our current age!  No more using hormones as an ongoing excuse, though they do enter into it!

Since I’ve made up my mind to ‘just do it’ (I think that is a huge hurdle for many) I find it all much less overwhelming than I used to think it was.  The fact that I’ve never been a fan of ‘diets’ or labeling certain foods as evil, I find simple concepts work just as well!  And hey I don’t have to be a zumba queen…but I can find ways to move that work for me right now.

It doesn’t have to be complicated!!

I’m a big fan of milking the aspect of ‘feeling good’ no matter what – no, not hiding my head in the sand, but simply not entertaining much negativity in my life.  If it doesn’t feel good I move on to what does, and at the same time try to ‘milk’ what is going right – in my life and in the world around me.  I also meditate every day. This has made a BIG difference, which I will go into more in future.

I find this approach helps keep me motivated, hopeful and on track – and not wasting much time beating myself up for what didn’t quite accomplish today or what I did or didn’t eat.  The bottom line is I’m keeping it going, starting new each day with the same intention of healthy eating, a little or no real snacking and gently moving this over 50 bod at least 5 days a week.

It’s been about 6 weeks and am feeling a difference.  I’m stronger, some of my clothes are looser – but generally what feels really good is just that I feel more purposeful in my day.  I’m not shying away from as many things as I was before.  I’m planning things for the year ahead with the expectation that I will be stronger and more confident in myself to do whatever the heck I decide I want to do.

PROGRESS!!  ~ Katy


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