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Diet Basics: Phase One – What’s off today’s menu?

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The H Plan:

I started my H Plan before Christmas – I started on my exercise campaign. I knew I had every intention of modifying my eating choices, but not till after Christmas dinner eh?!!

I was wrong to do that with hindsight, because phase one really should be all about the food – but I wasn’t ready for it, Christmas is imbued with excess and I felt that my new approach was going to be about denial – at least in the first instances and so I wanted to wait until the new year.

I was wrong. But I can see why I thought the way I did. I also found the cardio aspect of my new exercise regime (more later) hard going, made harder by the excess weight I was carrying and lets face it, Christmas wasn’t about to help that problem any!!

Katy and I. when we talked about how we thought our plans would roll out,  both agreed whole heartedly that no food group should be vilified – it was all about embracing all the healthy options available to us, it was all about being inclusive.

But even while we were saying this, I could hear my inner voice yelling at me – but some of it has to be off the table surely?

And that inner voice was absolutely right because what Katy and I were talking about was embracing natural whole foods and that meant even the carbs!  But what about refined carbs?

Refined carbs pave the path to broken promises and guilt; to hating yourself and failure – and they are a pretty large and diverse group I realised when I started to look at them; and that caused me some pause – were they all to be scrubbed off my menu?

Well baby steps in everything, I didn’t want my new found diet to flounder because I was too strict, too soon– so, no, in the first instance I decided instead, I would  only tackle the most obvious items that really couldn’t form part of anyone’s idea of a healthy food choices.

So phase one of my new relationship with food saw the removal of the following –  Cakes, Biscuits and Crackers, Crisps, Boxed Cereals, Sweets and Chocolate, Fizzy drinks such as  Cola etc, Squash and Cordials, Fruit Juices and Sugar that comes out of a bag.

If you take just those items out of your day to day diet – that in itself will be a big impact, that will take some aclimatisation, if nothing else, their removal will help you put the brakes on any more wayward weight gain at the very least – it’s not the whole story of course, but if you are like me – these are the basic downfalls that you succumb to more often than you want to admit.

I was starting to be shocked at how quick I could pack away a chocolate bar and it was becoming embarrassing to know that I would treat those large ‘sharing size’ bars as something I could devour whilst watching a TV programme with a mug of tea – I wouldn’t even notice; except when I was starting to come to the end and knew I was feeling sick on it – I still carried on to the bitter end, just to get it finished. And there was no sharing going on!

Writing that makes me completely disgusted with myself – but it is true.

There is nothing particularly sparkling about my phase one, haven’t we all said at some point, ‘that’s it no more cake from now on’ – and here we are?

But in this  journey on my H plan, the road feels at it’s most bumpy right at the beginning, but have a little self-belief, commit to making this first decision, because honestly it is going to get better – and there are loads of yummy food options to look forward to, it’s just up to this point we have been looking for them in all the wrong places.

From the onset, although I knew it was baby steps all the way, and I knew I wanted a phased introduction to a new healthy food world for Heather, I was shocked at how quickly I started to make the changes and how quickly my body seemed to welcome each new phase – so don’t despair if the idea of never seeing these things on your plate again.

No one said never!

No one is going to hang you for succumbing a few times!

Just take it, that these guys are not your friends – and we all know when someone has out stayed their welcome – that time for me had well and truly been reached!











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