Constipation and Menopause-Worth Discussing

Yes it is worth discussing – not always something you WANT to discuss, but over the years I have found women VERY relieved to have someone to discuss it with!

Having had severe IBS yrs ago and now better – it was a main focus of my every day.  It pretty much controlled my life.  If you have issues with this you know what I mean. I knew where every restroom was in a 20 mile radius of my home or work.  Onging feelings of urgency  (if you have what they now call IBSD) the anxiety that comes with it like an unwanted shadow.  Every step out your front door had you already planning your path out in the world to coincide with may or may happen if you suddenly had to go to the restroom.

toilet (1)

Luckily I was tired of it and after 7 years,  decided to follow a natural approach, which lead me to becoming a Master Herbalist.  Answers and people getting well!  Why didn’t more people know about this??  Hence my desire to educate myself.  And yes, before the internet!

Now it’s 20 yrs later and after years of being more or less ‘normal’ in that department..peri-menopause/menopause has thrown a bit of a curve ball my way. Suddenly constipation is more of an issue then I’ve ever dealt with. And yet while it’s annoying and often uncomfortable, I am thankful that I have confidence and experience behind me to KNOW that this is temporary and in the meantime I can deal with it safely.

This doesn’t mean I’ll get it right at first.  Lots of trial and error involved.  However some basics that are working for me:

Probiotic – I take one daily and have been for over a year. I feel much better for it and since I’m not perfect with my eating, I know it helps counteract some of my choices

Herbs – Yep I’m a fan!  😉  I have been using herbs for over 25 yrs and have such a respect for natures answers.  Again, this can be a trial and error situation, as with any new supplement you may try…but they can give you wonderful results if you know what you’re doing.

Minerals – like Magnesium.  Magnesium is your friend in so many ways.  Deficiencies can cause  constipation,  anxiety, heart irregularities, muscle spasms, mood swings, insomnia,  bacterial or fungal infections due to low levels of nitric oxide or a depressed immune system.  So yes, I’d get started on it and in the meantime have your levels checked !

Water – always a pretty good water drinker, I’ve stepped it up – the bowel relies on water to help move things along, soften and help form waste properly for easy/comfortable elimination

Fruits/Veggies – yes this pretty much applies to any improvement in our health

Less processed foods.  This can take time and attention, but worth pursuing!  A work in progress for me!

Along with menopausal concerns, you can also be dealing with thyroid imbalances – more specifically low thyroid – something else worth checking into.

Bottom line – you do not have to be uncomfortable – get things moving gently and don’t hesitate to set aside specific days during your week for a more cleansing ‘day’ if you can. You may even lose a pound or two. 🙂  More details in video below! – Katy



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