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“What’s New?”-Breaking The Mold

I know…lots of New Years goals and resolutions- I’ve never been a fan, frankly.  Why does a new year have to be a reason to make improvements?  I mean ANYTIME is a good time for that!

Which brings me to my video today about when someone asks you ‘what’s new?’ Don’t you wish you had something actually of interest to share?  I know I LOVE hearing about other peoples escapades, sometimes it even motivates me to go and to the same if it interests me.  Not to mention great conversation opportunities to connect with others.

With that in mind, I’ve made a conscious decision to start adding some ‘new’ activities or outings to my normal routine.  OUT OF THE ORDINARY type of activities.   I want to be able to have an animated conversation with someone the next time they ask me “what’s new?” 🙂

I have some ideas in mind that I can and hope to try in the next while, by all means watch the 9 min video below and see if any of them resonate with you!  Would love to hear any fun activities or outings you are looking forward to this year! – Katy


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