Christmas Pud and what to do about it! – by Heather


Our family are creatures of habit – and nothing demonstrates this fact more succinctly than our Christmas routine.

Stress, spend, stress, spend, stress, clean, spend, stress, wrap, visit, finish work, breath a sigh of relief – feel knackered, eat, eat, eat, over eat, sleep, watch crap telly, eat,get headaches and fat.

I’ve done this for years now.

Only last year, I decided I didn’t like it much – not any of it really. And so as we approached this Christmas I started thinking.

We started in on the mince pies early in November when they hit the supermarket shelves – we love mince pies!!

And so it began.

Only this year, has seen a slight break in tradition – because for the first time ever I decided I wasn’t going to do just the same thing I always do.

Ok – so I still spent too much money, I stressed of course, I couldn’t help myself cleaning the house for England, and yes, we have eaten way too much as usual.

However this time – I had the benefit of some prior thought. I genuinely wanted it to be different this year, and I came up with something of a plan.

I have been making small strides with my loose attempt to keep fit during the latter part of this year – not as great as I would have liked, but baby steps in the right direction – but 2+ weeks away from a gym and an excess of pastry and pudding was going to be the undoing of me, if I didn’t sort myself out.

I hate the heavy headedness that comes with being completely knackered and having eaten too much – so I thought I would use the 2 weeks holiday to offset the ravages of too much food and to kick start my new year – because I am resolved to be fitter this coming year.

I’ve said it before, made new years resolutions before – and of course never stuck to it – but this year its different, it really is. I feel more implacable.

Being at home – I wanted an easy form of exercise, nothing too complicated, nothing to be derailed by the strange hours that the Christmas holiday brings – so it was jogging then.

I hate jogging. I read how I might jog. There is a lot of information for beginners on the web – but I’m not a beginner. I’m a non runner –  I just can’t do it – period.

How does a non jogger go about jogging?

Well, you put on the kit – go outside and walk for the count of 60 and then jog (painfully) for the count of 60. Counting to 60 takes about 30secs – and you carry on doing that along your route of choice.

I jog/walk to the local water tower and back  – it feels like its 5 miles away but sadly its only 1 mile. I read a lot about  distance vs time vs keeping form – but honestly, when you’re as shit at it as I am – it doesn’t really matter. I just needed to get out there.

And so I did. And it hurts. 30 pathetic seconds and I am wobbling and wheezing – 30 seconds was really the least I could start with to get away with calling it jogging – and to date I have done this on alternate days for the first  week of the holiday. I have also upped the jog element to a count of 70 – I was impressed with myself with that.

It isn’t pretty that is for sure. But it is a beginning. And it is something I am determined to battle with – once the holiday is over, I will continue but  will also add in the gym work again. This is the year, if its possible – that I will get fit. At 53, each time I attempt to make something of myself and fail – it gets harder and harder to start again – I can feel myself becoming increasingly frail and weak – this is old age creeping up on me. So the time is now, the impetus is now.

Tomorrow I am out on my short road again – and this evening I was even googling running shoes – whatever next?

Heather xx





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