Intuition-Time to Start Paying Attention

Whether you put any stock in having ‘Intuition’ or inner urgings from that part of you that KNOWS you, I’m here to tell you it really does happen – daily!  tea (1)

Our minds are complex, thinking thoughts you barely even notice much of the time as so many are on auto pilot.  But there are times when you do have a thought, or an ‘inkling’ or urge to go, do, try something in a different way or different time.

I know for me especially when younger I went through the motions of just dealing with life like everyone else, not really taking time out for me or to just ‘be’ or to just ‘think’ about my goals, my wants etc.  Now however I’m in a better, more inspired way of looking at life – and I do take the time to just be alone, meditate, take time out and seriously ask myself what it is I want in life.

Your inner self WILL provide guidance if you pay attention – I firmly believe the Universe or the powers that be, really do have our back.  I’ve never been disappointed when I follow through on something that urged me to try or do something, as it’s always something that has no resistance in my thoughts but it’s not pushy either – so you have to pay attention. 🙂

Watch my video below for more insights and by all means take some time out soon, so you can see what goodies that inner you has to share. ~ Katy


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