Proof Of How Gratitude Has Worked For Me

Yes this is a true story…and it’s only ONE story I am sharing at the moment.  I have more.  This is going back over 10 years now and while I have much more recent examples, I like this one as many have related to it when I tell it.

I had recently ‘bluffed’ my way into a new job working in a fairly upscale restaurant.  I wanted a job that would pay well (hopefully) and accommodate the hours I preferred with my daughter in high school AND allow her to use my car if needed.  This job fit all the requirements.  The only problem was that I had no real experience waitressing.  Minor detail, eh?  😉


My video below goes into more detail but to summarize a bit- let’s just say I was a nervous wreck when they had the grand opening and I had a huge learning curve ahead of me.

Fast forward a few weeks.   I found myself walking to work feeling that heavy sense of dread.  I had been feeling SO uncomfortable working there. I was almost the oldest person working there, I had to ask for help constantly and I really felt like I had taken on more than I should have.

Add to that a month or so later the manager was of course keeping tabs on our work performance.  However when we gathered around to look at the ‘list’ she had posted for all staff to see, I saw my name second from the bottom of about 30 employees.  Humiliation was an understatement.  I joked my way out of that as I tried to take the sting out of my embarrassment – but I had a hard time with it and I walked home really wondering if I should quit.

What I did do however was do a little self talk and out of that I realized I was  not practicing what I encourage others to do.  Find something to appreciate….ANYTHING about my job.

So that’s what I did!

After a few weeks I started noticing I wasn’t worrying quite so much and that the heaviness I had felt previously had lifted.  Slowly things were changing! I was changing, my attitude was changing and frankly my job situation turned around within 3 months.  I no longer dreaded work, was actually enjoying myself and I was actually rather popular with the staff and customers!

I was there almost 2 years and by the time I moved on and had been promoted to Banquet Manager, running and organizing large parties.  Was I the BEST restaurant worker the world ever saw?  lol  Not hardly! However I was good at my job, I had good ideas for improvements and I was liked by co-workers and customers.  Couldn’t ask for more.

All because a little sincere gratitude was applied a few minutes twice a day. (My video shares the details)

You have nothing to lose to give it a go – start using it in a situation that has been giving you difficulty or a relationship that needs improving, or simply start writing a basic list each day of general gratitude.

I promise you if you make it a habit,  your life will change.  🙂


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