Positivity · Weight Management

Body Changes and Finding Confidence


Confidence…..?  Oooo confidence?…Where are you?

That’s pretty  much how Heather and I have been feeling for a while now.  It comes and goes but doesn’t seem to stick.

Getting older is one thing but dealing with weight gain and being out of shape, can really be a downer!   Ok…could be worse things I know.  But for the past few years I feel I’ve been feeling uncomfortable not only because I  LOOK heavier, but add to that I have zero stamina to do things…. well it’s discouraging!

I tend to be a bit impatient when I decide I want something, so not being able to shed weight like I used to, wear clothes that actually flatter me AND eat a reasonably decent diet and not gain – has made me rather irritated with myself. Which means I walk around irritated and attracting more things to me not to like!  What a cycle!

I’m not alone in this…women across the globe are in similar boats and many are actually finding their way.  I’m just not quite there yet.

I jokingly tell Heather I’d LOVE to have a personal chef to cook and shop for me…healthy, yummy meals that keep me satisfied but do my body good.  And why not a personal trainer who is available when I’m free to help me whip this flabby body into shape?  Since I don’t see it happening in the near future that means it’s up to me.  And I wonder when I will finally take the plunge and get serious with this?

fitting room

I dread going clothes shopping!  My sizes keep changing- I get upset, so then I won’t buy anything and well, that doesn’t work either.

As 2015 is winding down I’m feeling quite determined to DO SOMETHING – and just get on with it.  I did join a nearby gym that is just for women, so I have no excuses on that end.  I actually enjoy working out for the most part…though it’s been somewhat difficult looking at myself in the mirrors that are everywhere.  Sigh – Yes I am aware of the excuses that are flowing.

I seriously hope I have some good updates to report in the near future.  A “plan’ of sorts that will keep me on track and something I can share for anyone else who needs a kick in the pants.

Heather is moving forward in going to the gym, so I hope I can take some pointers from her.

I do so hate to be left behind 😉  –Katy


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