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3 Tips To Avoid S.A.D., Depression or ‘Winter Blues’

snow  I guess I have to admit that Winter is heading this way.  I’ve never been a fan of early darkness with clocks going back but other than ignoring it completely and being late or early for everything, I have to deal!

S.A.D. or seasonal affective disorder is not new – but it is something that can be a real problem if you do not plan ahead.  Many end up in the doctors office looking for something for depression, and if that’s what it takes then of course do what you have to!  Always check with your physician!

However I like to work on some preventative stratagies and find it works quite well if you prepare.

Let’s get to those 3 Tips that I’ve shared below in my video:

  • Get Outdoors!  Yes I know it’s cold. I’m the first one to bring it up lol but I want to try and put that behind me.  I purchased a warmer jacket and am researching ‘Cross-country’ skiing for at least one thing I can consider this year.  I’m a bit of a baby if it’s windy AND cold but other than that, if we dress for it, it’s do able!  Getting some ‘nature’ as well as some much needed Vitamin D can be a huge boost to our mood.
  • Embracing Your Creative Side!  Crafts and ‘making’ stuff is such a big boost to anyone’s mood and psyche!  Why dorocks you think there are soooo many crafters out there?  Men like to tinker with things too, but the craft industry is HUGE since so many people find something they enjoy and they want more of it!  So either get back into something you enjoyed years ago, or investigate something new.  Being stuck indoors can mean you get to ‘enjoy’ some of these fun endeavors and can even invite friends and family over for a regular ‘craft night!’
  • R.A.K. – Random Acts of Kindness or simply – Doing something nice for someone unexpectedly and on a regular basis. I have done this off and on for years and sometimes more than others, but it’s always been a big mood lifter for me.  The holidays come and go, but what about the rest of the year?  Pick cardsone or two friends, acquaintances or strangers to visit or help out.  I do the ‘secret friend’ and send stuff in the mail when I can’t always do something in person.  YOU feel good and of course you are brightening someone elses day too.  I tend to find seniors who are alone a lot and I know it’s always enjoyed!

What I’m trying to say is it can be helped and even prevented!  I’m going to do my darnedest to ENJOY winter for probably the first time in a long time.  I know it will come down to MY attitude and not always just the weather.

I hope you’ll join me and find ways to embrace the colder months and who knows, you may just start looking forward to Winter! 🙂


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