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Tour of the London Monopoly Board – Part 2

From Liverpool Street Station, we had aimed to go toward the Tower – but as we came to Threadneedle Street, we took a detour down there toward Cornhill and Lombard – to bag the Bank.

8 bank

There was then a small detour, for youngest to look at the Great Fire monument and Pudding Lane – and then back to our route across London Bridge in the rain, and alongside a very dirty and choppy looking Thames to see the Tower – the ultimate gaol.


8 tower

From London Bridge – we were ready to eat, and I was truly amazed at just how many Pret a Manger’s you could cram in within the city walls! But they do nice food and coffee – so that was welcomed by us all.

Watered and fed we were in search of the ‘reds’ – as we approached St Pauls cathedral, eldest daughter decided to tell us she had  stubbed her toe when she got out of bed and her foot was ‘really’ hurting. So then we had to find a Boots so we could make a toe repair!!!!

Up to this point it had been quite a relaxed stroll however by the time we reached Fleet St we were starting to pick up tourists. Fleet St merged in to the Strand ending with St Clements church – saw the weather deteriorate quite a bit and we had to take shelter for a few minutes whilst the worst of it passed over.

9 fleet st



9 strand







It was at this point that a real map would have come in handy and we could have saved ourselves some serious back tracking and standing around staring in to space as if the road we wanted would just jump out at us – it didn’t. We also picked up a serious amount of tourists, it got busier and busier – photo ops became quite difficult, and at points it was wall to wall people crush – and to be honest, it was at this point that we enjoyed the project the least – which is strange because these were some of the most famous points of the board. The strangest road at this point was Vine St – a complete dead end which seemed to be completely at odds with it’s value on the board – which meant we had to do a quick google on the history of this little dead end.

vine street

In quick succession came – Bow St; Leicester Sq; Piccadilly; Regent St; Oxford St; Bond St.  All incredibly busy and they passed in a blur – but we did pick up the utilities!





Out toward Mayfair, we started to lose the ludicrous press of people – and once again London became more interesting.

park lanepall malltrafalgar


The rain returned by the time we had reached Trafalgar – only this time it wasn’t going to go away

We almost gave up the rest of it – we were wet, we were sore and then our batteries went on our phones. But being Trafalgar – there were gift shops galore, and that meant tourist maps! For £2.25 we really should have bought it earlier – it was a godsend. Northumberland, Whitehall we realised were right in front of us! But what about Marlborough?????

Equipped with the map, we realised we had missed in in the press of people on Regent St and so completely soaked and achey, we stopped briefly for a drink at yet another Pret a Manger and then determined we trudged back to Regent St to find it.



This left only Marylebone Station – and by now we were all soaked through and all of us were actually hobbling – honestly we all looked about 90! and time was ticking – time for a cab (now we can have a cab!!!!!) – only not one would stop. Eventually, after about 20 mins trying to flag one down, one stopped to tell us he would drop us off at Euston but wouldn’t take us over to Marylebone or Kings Cross (our final destination) because there were riots and the police had closed roads.

So reluctantly we left Marylebone to another day and walked (hobbled) the half mile from Euston to Kings Cross by which time the riot was little more than skirmish inside St Pancras. We caught the 7.30pm back to Grantham having spent nearly 12 hours walking the streets of London.

Knackered completely – we all agreed it was one of the best things we had decided to do as a family – and honestly, if you have it in you – do it. We thoroughly recommend.


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