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Monopoly – The Tour of the London Board. Part 1

Well in the spirit of wanting to ‘do’ something a bit quirky and spontaneous to lift my mood – I thought I may have bitten off more than I’m able to chew when youngest piped up and said. ‘Hey, why don’t we walk the London Monopoly Board in a day?’ Once he’d said it, there was no denying that none of us could think of a reason not to – and actually, we all sort of thought it might be a bit of fun.

Top tips for anyone thinking similarly – wear good and comfy walking shoes and clothes and get a map (do no rely on the map on your phone)!

I wasn’t sure how much we were going to enjoy our day- it seemed like a good idea when we decided we would, but sat on the train taking us from Grantham early on Sat (24th Oct) in the gloom – I wondered just what the day would bring! The train was about 10mins late and we arrived at the first point of call in our travail around the board – Kings Cross Station (train station)

1 kings x


We had decided prior that we would walk the ‘light blues’ and they look pretty close to each other on the map. In fact I was comforted by how close everything appeared on the map – this was going to be a doddle!




Once outside we have St Pancras Station to the right (not on the board but still a magnificent building) we turned left to begin with the ‘light blues’ with a walk down Euston Road;  which quickly turned in to Pentonville Road. From there it was then a 10ish minute walk straight to the Angel, Islington.


3 Pentonville

2. Euston Road                                                           






4 angel



It’s a fact that the makers of Monopoly  didn’t plan the board according to any logical jaunt around London – and once at the Angel there ensued our first family disagreement. Youngest wanted to take a trip north to find Pentonville Prison (as in go to Gaol, do not pass GO) whereas the rest of us felt this would be an unnecessary trip outside the general drift of the board – which would be about 44 mins extra onto the route. I know this because the second cause of our family argument was that I realised the rest of the family were intent on walking the WHOLE way around whereas I had imagined bus or underground intervention to cut out the unnecessary bits. I was seriously bothered at this point – would my poor feet hold out such an all out assault? Pentonville Prison was a definite NO. We would, we decided take in the Tower of London somehow instead.

SWe had already decided we would relinquish Old Kent Road  in our ‘brown bit’ because it was well outside the general drift of the board, but even without that, we still had a 3mile walk to Whitechapel via Spitalfield Market. I wasn’t happy at the prospect of this hour long walk rather than the easily caught bus option. However I was proved very wrong in this view, because it was an enjoyable walk and one which gave us real glimpses of both old London and the real London where normal people live.5 whitechapelWe didn’t walk direct routes – because we didn’t have a real life map at this stage and my husband’s phone map wasn’t that great – so we found ourselves taking the least direct and more circuitous routes – but generally at this point, the map reading issue didn’t seem too problematic and we were enjoying seeing bits of London that we had never previously visited. Next we took in 2 further stations – Fenchurch St and Liverpool St Station. The family seemed to like Liverpool St quite a lot but for me Fenchurch St was completely charming, it seemed tucked away, hidden almost and was the pleasant find of the tour – definitely my personal favourite of the tour.

6 Fenchurch St7 Liverpool st


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