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Do You Realize All Problems Have Solutions?

Yes every single one.

Often times a problem will have an obvious solution, ie:  I’m cold – well, then put on a sweater! 😉

That would seem obvious to pretty much everyone, I’d hope!

And yet other problems that spring up can seem more complex or worrisome… and for many not fixable! And frankly that is unacceptable to me!!  Just because you or those around you do not have the answer, does not mean it doesn’t exist!

I run across lots of people who go on and on about their problems who seem to not even consider they may have options or a way out.  They have zero expectation of an answer.  And guess what?  The solution will no doubt elude them as long as they feel this way.
However for those who let even a small glimmer of light into the mix, they will start to feel less of a burden, some ‘hope’, relief, or positive expectation that something can be done.  This is when they run into someone or read something that gives them an idea or a thought of ‘wow…maybe that can help me’.  It might not be the exact answer right that minute…but it’s moving toward it.

I remember years ago I knew an older couple tentatively deciding to move to Florida from New York.  No more cold winters! They weren’t quite up to driving the distance and didn’t have anyone to drive them.  So they weren’t sure what to do.  Since I know folks who have done this, I casually mentioned..why don’t you just ship it? They looked at me curiously and one of them said…’Ship a CAR??!”   I said yes…companies do it all the time.  Long and short – you never saw 2 happier people the next time I saw them as they had found a few companies and did some comparisons and decided on one they liked.  Their plans were a go!

So yes problem solved.  This happens all day, every day in so many instances.  I love when I can help someone with an idea or strategy to take them to the next step, or fix it all together.  But you can do it for yourself when something comes up for you that you have no idea how to fix.  Start telling yourself, ‘it’s do-able’ ‘someone must know something about this’ etc etc..instead of complaining or staying up at night anxious about what you can do.

We can change any situation with an improved attitude of hope or positive expectation.  It might not happen that minute…but even feeling ‘lighter’ about it is enough to get things moving in a positive direction – and soon solutions will start presenting themselves to you – honest! 🙂 ~ Katy


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