Are You Loving Life Now? Law of Attraction In Action

This really hits home for me lately and I can’t help talking about it in hopes others will consider how their life can change – if they want it to!

forest and animals1

When I ask myself the question ‘Are you loving your life now?’  – I’ve been going deep in thought!  But it’s really been enlightening for me.  I realized that while I have a good life – I can’t help but wonder sometimes….is this it?  Is there more I’m supposed to experience or enjoy or find out more about?

And since I try to be honest lol, I can’t help but answer YES.  How can we not look at others living lives we ‘wish’ could be us?  Granted I don’t really want to BE anyone else.  However I wouldn’t mind some of the experiences, or things or travels they are enjoying for themselves.  This doesn’t have to be on a grand scale…but simply feeling that life is here for the taking, not for the ‘enduring’.

I’ve decided to make it a bit of a private challenge for myself- and I have a list of things I want to do, try, experience or travel to, whether driving or flying 🙂   Here’s an idea of what I mean, subject to change!

Go somewhere warm this winter

Lose some weight/tone up

Meal plan regularly!

Write 1 or 2 ebooks

Spend time in Nature regardless of the winter

Indoor Skydiving 🙂



Complete a crocheting project

Save & ‘attract’ more abundance 🙂

Ok..that’s some of it for now – I have more long term goals as well but these are do-able ‘anytime’ if I plan and put my mind to it!

I truly belief that the more we ‘DECIDE’ what we want – focus on it, milk the thoughts and ideas that excite and motivate us…that we can bring what we want into our lives.  The other side of that of course is to give less airtime to stuff that bothers us or gets us down.  We are human, yes.  But we can always take a deep breath, get a little perspective and move forward.

Don’t hesitate to comment on some areas that you’d like to ‘challenge’ yourself to do more of.

Let’s get this party started – what ARE you waiting for?  ☺  Katy


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