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How To Kill Germs Naturally-A Quick Fix!

lemon-largeI do love lemons, in beverages, baking, cooking and yes, spritzing into the air!

Of course I’m talking about Lemon Essential oil…and quite a few others I tend to use as my Natural Air Purifier.

I have used essential oils for years for all kinds of health remedies. And I love using them as deodorizers or germ killers.  Let’s face it, living in the North East US, we are known for our long, cold winters.  And I don’t know about you, but our media loves to play up the whole ‘cold and flu’ season…(I thought there were only 4 seasons??)

Staying healthy can be basic common sense – for me that means de-stressing often, not buying into the hype of ‘flu season’ that our society loves to ram down our throats, eating better and a few ways to build up the body and keep things at bay.  One of those things is keeping the air around me pure and fresh.  Heck, even uplifting! 🙂

Oils are healing if used properly – and this is an easy way to make them work for you.  Lemon is a favorite of mine…and use it in my housecleaning as well.  But adding it to a small bottle with a couple other favorites and we have a winner.

I go through it in my video..but I like Eucalyptus, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon grass, Lavender as basics for any of the sprays I have (home and work) and I usually pick 2-3 for this.  Eucalyptus is ALWAYS my starting point…I LOVE the scent and it works well with respiratory concerns or preventing them.

The oils are disinfecting, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and well…smell really really good!  Add to that most are ‘mood’ lifters – you  really can’t go wrong.  Get to your nearest dollar store for a few small plastic spray bottles and you are all set.  By all means watch the video below for how I use it – and you are all set for a healthy winter!  (Great gift ideas too)  🙂  ~ Katy


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