Hair Styling

Hair Pieces – first impressions

My Husband has a client who suffers from alopecia and she is completely bald and has been mostly for years. The day I first met her was unremarkable, we were chatting about a new business venture she was starting and she was very enthusiastic. She was warm and bubbly with a strong Scottish accent about my age and I liked her. Of all the things I could tell you about that first meeting and about what were my impressions of her – firstly they were all very positive and secondly not one of them would have been about her hair.

However at that first meeting, I did not know she suffered complete alopecia and nor was I aware that her gorgeous auburn bob was anything other than her own hair cut very stylishly and a beautiful colour. I was to learn however that her stylish bob had been bought at great expense by her husband as a gift for her – it was real hair and the colour had been carefully selected to reflect her own striking natural colouring.

It was she said, beautiful, expensive and unnatural feeling; being cold in winter and sweaty and itchy in summer. For the most part every time I have met her since then, she has been wearing a cotton headscarf.

Ok so I don’t have alopecia and nor is my hair loss so diffuse and serious as to be noticeable – except perhaps the fringe area – which is alarming to me but not I suspect something that raises much interest to the outside world – no one stares. Not yet anyway.

So I can be grateful that as I write, I can think about options for making my hair feel fuller – I have been pleased with the fact that using a curling tong to style my hair gives me extra bounce and apparent fullness my naturally straight hair doesn’t actually possess.

I have had to allow my hairdresser to cut my bob shorter than I would like ideally but it’s not a deal breaker – however I am left with annoyingly sparse strands that masquerade as my fringe these days (or bangs our our US brethren insist on calling it).

I don’t think I am shedding nearly as much as I was during the onslaught of my thyroid disorder, when I could have weaved up a small wig for someone with the fallout, had I have had the wherewithall! But age is marching ever more unkindly forward and I suspect that whilst I might not shed so readily, I am aware that hair seems much slower at reappearing these days and what is on my head is a thinner quality – I read an article in an online newspaper the other day and was dismayed to read some very unkind comments about Nicole Kidman – now you can say what you like about Nicole and how she chooses to manage herself now she is getting older but she looks very chic and has always been a gorgeous looking woman by anyone’s standards – but more than one person felt the need to point out she was passed her sell by date, another said she had  wizened hands and thin old lady hair and she shouldn’t be allowed in the public eye! I found myself looking over my own hands and thinking, who the hell would want to get older whilst in the unforgiving eye of the public?

I had seen on QVC a good while ago now, a segment on false hair pieces – boosters rather than wigs, although they did have some of those too  – for people with problem hair or just those who wanted to simply ring the changes.

I knew my husband’s client, who had her wig specially made for her, must have a very expensive piece indeed – because even the fashion pieces made with synthetics could be costly – but I was interested in the false fringes, because on QVC they looked so quick and easy – and indeed looked like a new fringe – could one of these work for me I thought? Because I am always happy to give things a try, you never know. Cost of course has to be a consideration – but before spluging a lot of dosh – maybe it would be worth checking out these QVC false pieces – so what do you think? Take a look at what I got here:


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