Quick Fix for Depression, Mood & Low Energy! ~ Katy

Being a rather impatient person….a quick fix is something I tend to lean to. Well,  I’ll at least investigate, as you never know if it may have some merit!

This is one of those instances. Other than feeling a little silly dancing by myself, I got over it quickly and now it’s something I happily take time out for.

Since I usually do this before work and live in an upper flat, I try to be respectful of those below me. So that means the headphone option works great for me. I simply line up my iPod or iPhone to the 2-3 songs I’m in the mood for (I have at least a dozen to choose from always ready!) and start moving!girl2

I am not John Travolta moving all about my living room…I am however moving and letting myself just be, without judgement in how good or bad I dance! This would take all the fun out of it, don’t you think??

Try not to scoff at this – as I dare you to NOT feel some improvement in your overall mood. In fact give it a go and stop over at our channel or Facebook Page and comment – would love to hear your music choice and if you noticed a difference!


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