Keeping Your Makeup bag up-to-date – Heather

Well this week’s video from me is about how I have faced up to needing to change and update my make-up. I am specifically talking about eyes here, and you can watch my video below. But to be honest, it isn’t just the eye make-up that has had to be completely re worked, my entire face has and continues to be reviewed as to what products might work best for me and a face that is less than obliging, make-up-wise.

First off the bat is cost. Make-up and skincare regimes are quick fixes to the problem of an ageing face and are topical and removable, that means the products need to be constantly replenished. Honestly, looking at the make-up and skincare counters these days, I feel like I need a science degree and the bank account of a small developing country just to keep up!!

So I am looking for the right products for me for the best price I can find – and I have to be judicial in the choice of purchases, I can only afford so much.

Holy Grail or what?

I honestly don’t think I make for a very exciting beauty vlogger, because I tend to be quite minimalist in what I like to wear, how I like to wear it and the overall effect I am trying to perfect. So I am never going to make a career out of wacky colour schemes, exploratory shapes or experimental looks.

I’m looking for normal – whatever that means? For me it means I like to see my own skin shine through the makeup, I want healthy looking skin, I want to glow a bit like I am healthy from within and I certainly don’t want to feel I am actually wearing makeup or that it’s wearing me. I don’t want mattified and mask like.

This sounds a tad dull I know, but I’m not really looking for glamorous – I want outdoorsy and natural. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously look like I am wearing makeup, this isn’t about being nude makeup wise, or appearing like I don’t have any on at all. But I just want it to be subtle I think.

I wish, oh boy do I wish that I had lips – real, lets pout and and use a full swoosh of lipstick, lips – but alas that was never to be – even in days gone by when I sported a full collagen payload,  I  had to learn how to purchase lipsticks and tints that suited the pinched and skinny look – I have worked with what I have, and that really is the message in my video of this week. I don’t presume to find make-up products that are going to change the course of the face that genetics bequeathed me, and nor do I have the surplus income to support the expense I would have to make to find them. I am looking for products that support and enhance what I have and to do this I have needed to become quite a critical evaluator of my own face.

No longer can I grab the nearest kohl pencil and mascara wand and off I go, because at some point within my 4th decade I realised that I wasn’t getting the same result, my grab and go with the old favourites was just making me look bleh – and certainly was doing nothing to help me with features that were newly acquired, like the dreaded hooded and crepey eye lid for example.

You Tube has got to have been the best kept beauty secret to my mind – because it is awash with women demonstrating beauty tips, reviewing products and just showing you how to do stuff in a matter of minutes that it may have taken you a decade of beauty counter stalking to acquire otherwise.

I know that it has saved me untold ££££ – being able to see first hand what products do what and if you, like me, have found yourself in something of a beauty wilderness – knowing what you do now isn’t good enough, but really not knowing where to start and what to try – then honestly, start trawling you tube – ask the specific question that is bugging you the most and go from there. Keep patient and watch – honestly it will help, it can’t not.

In the meantime, I don’t profess to have all the answers, not by a long shot – but check me out here talking about what I have chosen to do to try and improve my overall eye look and  update my make up ‘wardrobe’

Until next time – happy browsing.




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