When the ‘before’ shot is the best shot you have…

In my lastest video I talk about FINALLY taking the first step to getting some level of fitness back again because I can’t avoid it really any longer, I am so out of shape it’s not even funny. The real push to ‘just do it’ – thanks Nike! isn’t just the fact I don’t like how I look – and I really don’t like how I look. But more worryingly, it’s how I feel these days.

Even the smallest things are starting to become uncomfortable. On waking in the mornings I get up and my feet are aching badly, shoulders are creaking and I can only do the minimal jog about before getting seriously out of breath.

I feel weaker these days, I can feel myself fragile – I know that sounds weird but its really true. I suddenly realise how old ladies feel. And I can’t let that go unchecked.

Whilst sorting out digital photos on an old PC the other day,  I came across this photo – ok it’s not a great photo really, a quick selfie I took about 4 years ago. At the time I took it, I was in the middle of a keep fit campaign and looking at it from my present perspective, I’m seriously jealous of myself – I was 49 and was enjoying something of a keep fit renaissance, in fact it was something that the whole family were involved in at the time.

What has shocked me is the speed of my decline – since this shot was taken.

BUT – this is a great aspirational photo for me – I would like to look like this or at least something approaching this, again. And lets face it I stand more of a chance of it happening than managing to morph in to Candice Swanepoel!! In honesty it’s quite a modest aspiration – but it feels like a mountain to climb right at this very moment.

Sadly, this ‘before’ shot isn’t what I see when I look in the same mirror these days – and so that’s set me a personal goal to aim for.

And 1 week in to my new regime and I have two things to report – 1) I started at the gym and it was harder going than I expected (and I expected it to be hard) and 2) I am having to accommodate the fact I realise just how out of shape I am these days and am revising substantially my original activity schedule.

This is going to be a much slower process than I originally imagined. It would appear my mind is an awful lot more able than my body is capable of keeping up with.

On the up side – the pain this week aside, and it required ibuprofen at times; I have ended this first week feeling really buzzing about actually doing something for once instead of moaning about having not done anything – it feels great to be honest and long may it continue

Check out our instagram page – to see the ‘after’ shot taken this week. It isn’t good viewing but it is cathartic.

and here is my latest video – come over to You Tube to see my latest offering –



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