Dear Katy – Midlife Upset – “I feel like running away”

forest girl1

Yes a ‘Dear Katy’ segment – as Heather and I both agree that sooo many questions arise from day to day on similar subjects for us over 45 crowd, (ok over 50).   Whether from a friend or family member, in line at the store or bank, sitting at my hairdresser (I have a habit of eavesdropping) – and especially at work – it’s pretty constant.

So this latest video is my answer to a woman I am acquainted with through work- we actually had some time to chat before I was interrupted.

Bottom line was she was feeling overwhelmed for quite some time and didn’t know who to confide in and not feel guilty about it!  I was a non-threatening option it seems! 🙂  But I was happy to pipe in with my thoughts, as Heather and I have both been there – and have some idea on how to manage this feeling when it crops up.

Long and short of it…(as much of it is in the video) – it’s OK to feel this way.  N-O-R-M-A-L 

Stress, worry and changes can do a number on us and cause ‘overwhelm’  X 10 sometimes!  And let’s face it, not only are our bodies changing, our coping mechanisms and outer lives are, as well.

So get away…take time out…DO SOMETHING before it builds up to a point of depression or anxiety.  Getting away can mean different things for different people…Nature, a movie, roaming in a bookstore or shopping mall – a night away somewhere.

Nagging feelings like this are here to help us through our lives, I think of them as nudges from the Universe- and often we start ignoring them and many times will pay the price

So as good ol’ Nike likes to say – “Just do it”  🙂   Oh and watch the Video for more details!


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