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Hi it’s Heather – More about Hair Loss

So in my latest video on YouTube I add some of my thoughts to a conversation started by Katy in her video some weeks before – but this time I am talking about the effects of thyroiditis on my own hair.

My hair loss has been diffuse and gained momentum during 2011 and 2012 – these early episodes of hyperthyroidism have left my hair overall much thinner and this is particularly noticeable, to me anyway, at the front.

I admit that the thinning might not be obvious to anyone who has only just met me – you wouldn’t know how thick my hair was prior to the onset of my thyroid problem and it isn’t so widespread as to make people stare. But the fact is, it is very very much thinner, and I no longer have a clearly defined fringe (I can feign one by avoiding my usual middle parting and allowing my hair to fall forward from further back on my head as in my photo here) and the front now struggles to have the weight or the strength to hold my hairstyle convincingly – to a point where it now lays too fine, thin and flat to actually look that nice anymore without a lot of help

I have taken to using volume booster brushes (not that successfully) and I have found that using curling wands does help to give the illusion of more hair at the front – however my pathetic whisps of hair at the fringe line do mess up the overall effect.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain – but complaining comes easily to me – I’ll admit.

I have had a ‘wash and go’ hair style for so long, I have been spoilt and this constant faffing about with it in a morning is energy sapping, long winded and dull – especially when the makeup routine also takes so much longer these days!!!

Thankfully, I have stopped shedding, at the time of writing my thyroid has been in remission since January 2015 – however, there hasn’t been any hair regrowth at all during this time, so my constant worry is that should a relapse occur, it is always my hair that will take the brunt of it first – and that will mean more loss.

Looking on the bright side – I am very much hoping a relapse doesn’t occur – it has been 9 months at least and as it stands since I stopped requiring meds and I am feeling good and making real in roads into making even more improvements to my health and well being.

If I can pull off the illusion of fuller hair at the front with the strategic use of hair appliances then I really shouldn’t bemoan the situation as it stands. It’s bothersome, yes. But I do have a lot to be grateful for.

Until you experience losing your hair, it is difficult to imagine the real sense of panic that can over take you as you see ever more of it disappearing down the plug hole, or clogging the hair brush or just falling all over your shoulders – it’s a horrible horrible feeling and is almost primal. You know, because you almost certainly have experienced how bad your day can be with the onset of the ‘bad’ hair day – just take a second to imagine the dawn of the ‘no’ hair day or the ‘less than yesterday’ hair day, and glimpse how that may effect your whole sense of self, how bereft you would feel.

I watched a TV drama – the C word – this year and one of the most searing scenes was where the young woman fighting breast cancer had to endure the sudden and catastrophic loss of all her hair at the onset of her chemotherapy – it was visceral, and almost impossible not to understand on a human level the effect of losing something that is often passed off as mere female frippery or cosmetic. But very often, when you think of it, your head of hair actually defines who you are – it truly is our crowning glory.

If you want to see me talk about hair loss then take a peek at the Heather and Katy Channel here


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